ACN was founded in March 2008.


Having been taught the process of creating passion project films, personal branding, marketing and advertisement of products created, fund raising methodologies, and monetizing procedures for selling the films they create, our team is now working on a massive 14 episode psychological thriller. This project, 'Who Among Us', deals a number of very difficult issues that are very real in our world today. Through it, we are not only causing massive internal growth in those involved, but we are hoping to reach those we may never meet, in the belief that we might bring hope in troubled times that so many face.

We are in the process of building C.O.R.E., a counseling and guidance group for men age 18 - 32 years, from within the group and hope to add those from without soon, to deal with the difficulties that life can bring, as well as the difficulties we place upon ourselves.

Our Giving Back program is changing. Our board has voted to align ourselves with another non-profit organization where we can presently and physically actually give our ourselves, our abilities, our talents, and our hearts for those in need. More information on this is to come as soon as all of the logistics have been decided.

Some of our associate members have taken the next big step in their own lives by taking the education and tools learned with ACN into the next step of their own personal lives, and starting their own businesses. This is something we are all very proud to see, and cannot wait to see how we, as a group, might be able to help each of them find the success they so desire.

And we are starting the process of partnering with small business owners to creating commercial and print advertising for them at a nominal fee, that can help them to grow their businesses and increase their success.

Growing stronger every day in every way possible - the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles


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