The Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles cares about the associates that it serves. To this end, we proudly offer professional lie coaching and counseling services to all of those involved from our professional life coach and counselor, Dr. Randall Gray.

So what is life coaching, and what is counseling? Let us explain:

Life coaching:

- Is action oriented
- Deals with the present and future
- Helps the associate move forward from a healthy state
- Helps the associate do more, faster than he would be able to do on their own
- Helps the associate take their goals and themselves more seriously
- Supports the associate with exhortation and encouragement and sometimes tough love
- Helps the associate strategize and offers suggestions as appropriate

The basic premise is that coaching associates helps ensure that they are in a healthy place mentally and emotionally. They are ready and desire to receive support on how to make the changes to help them achieve their goals. This can also include creating and/or maintaining motivation for the stated change, creation and implementation of plans for change and exploration of obstacles in order to overcome them. This is particularly crucial for associates seeking a career in the entertainment industry.

Life coaching is unlikely to be helpful if there are unresolved counseling issues.*


- Deals with the past
- Works to heal hurts and emotional issues
- Helps the associate become healthy and mentally stable
- Is not action oriented as much as discussion on internal issues
- Works with the associate to help them arrive at solutions that work best for them.

Here are more benefits:

Counseling helps the associate overcome and resolve issues from the past that have made them feel bad emotionally or are causing their inability to function in a healthy way.

These types of issues can include depression, trauma, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, abuse, etc.

It is a given that unless or until these issues are satisfactorily resolved, it may be difficult or impossible for the associate to make the desired changes in their lives.

Once healthy behaviors are learned and established in counseling, life coaching can help to support the associate in maintaining these healthy behaviors and choices. It is genuinely the only way to help our associates express those inner feelings by and through entertainment programming and creation.

Differences In Outcomes

Coaching and counseling outcomes are generally quite different also. Coaching involves beginning where someone is today and helping them move forward to the best of their ability, to reach their goals and God-given destiny. Someone needs to be functioning reasonably well in their current life for coaching to be effective. Counseling and therapy are focused on healing someone from past hurts or emotional pain.

How Do Life Coaching And Counseling Work Together?

There are a few different scenarios that we regularly see.

It's not unusual for a associate to come to a coach for help and then discover first need to address some issues with counseling before moving on to coaching. Remember, the associate must be healthy and functioning in order for coaching to be effective.

Sometimes during the coaching relationship, events take place in the associate's life that require counseling.

It is also typical for an associate to regain their emotional health and want to progress in their lives due to counseling. It could also be that they need coaching to sustain the healthy behaviors they learned during counseling.

The most important thing to remember is the benefit to our associates. We work to  establish a trusting relationship and collaborative friendship, we want our associates to be the very best men that they can be. To that end, our company leader, educator, coach, and counselor, seeks to help each associate who joins the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles work through whatever may be holding them back, whether something from the past that needs counseling, or something in the present that needs appropriate coaching.

Reaching Schools

Every child deserves a good education. Unfortunately, due to inequality gaps throughout California, children from low-income communities are usually shown imbalances in academic achievement. ACN is working towards a plan to explore the realm of live theater performance with such children with the intent of helping them understand the work involved in reading a story, fully understanding it's various intricacies, and then performing it. 

For these workshops, a small team of actors would arrange a specific time with students from in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas to read stories with children and then talk with then about the different themes and characters involved. The purpose of the time would be to facilitate both open discussion about the theme, mood, characters, symbolism, and other tools used by the author to affect readers, as well as hopefully develop performance level programming with those involved in hopes of both setting introspection into the minds of young people, but also to encourage the limitless wonder of reaching for a dream and achieving it; even if only in a small way.


These workshops allow students to build their imagination and creativity with an unfamiliar story and reminds them of the power of language within their own lives and people around them.  Ultimately, these students witness the effect of these theatrical performances and can view their lives with a better sense of understanding as they unfold the stories around them.