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The Actor's Coalition Network is a 501c3 organization, dedicated to young industry hopefuls with talent and drive to affect the entertainment industry, and thus the world around us, for the better. You may donate now by clicking below. 

Our associates help sustain the work that we do in many ways:

1.  They each pay an extremely modest amount monthly to help pay for our meeting facilities so that programming can continue without undue financial burden to anyone involved.


2.  When participating in theater or film programming, our associates agree to take either a very minimal or no pay whatsoever in order for what funding is available to go into creating the best programming we are able to create.

3.  When feasible within their own financial circumstances to do so, our associates often make tax deductible donations to the program.  They know that these funds are always in demand either for programming that the program is working on, or to assist an associate member that has hit a truly bad patch in the road and just needs a little bit of help to get back on their feet.  Many of those who do donate to the program can attest to this important value, as they themselves have utilized these funds when times were hard in their own lives.

4.  Many of our associates help to market or spread the word about our programming, not only keeping out message strong and important to the community that we are in, but also seeking those that might be able to assist us in completing even larger tasks that we might currently be able to complete.

5.  Whenever possible, our associates seek to have others within the group, or the group as a whole join with another program or director that they may have the opportunity to work with, allowing for collaboration, mutual growth opportunities, and a very special and important manner of strength for both ACN and the others we are fortunate to work with.

Your donations will enable us to keep working on our mission to help strengthen young men within the industry to be the best that they can be, and together create art that affects all around us. Please donate online now. No amount is too small. If you'd prefer to donate by check or credit card, you may contact us at

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