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Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles
The mission of the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles is to change the world one life at a time. To do this, our company is built on education and opportunities within the entertainment industry, counseling and mentoring toward understanding and becoming one's best self, emergency housing and sustenance needs, giving back to the communities in which we are based, building life-long brotherhood and a sense of family, especially for those to whom this is foreign, and creating strong, empowering, intelligent, and fulfilling work for the stage and screen, as well as for publication and edification of the industry.
The Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles is the only program of its kind, doing what it does for men age 17 - 35 from Texas to the west coast, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. We may be a small company, but we are a strong one, and our associates are challenged every day to impact the world around them through all that they learn and apply to their lives and their profession.

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