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Michael Baszler


Michael hails from the obscure state of Idaho. He attended the University of Idaho, majoring in pre-medicine and psychology, but discovered a love and natural talent for acting during his final year of college. He decided to give up medicine and focus his efforts at becoming a professional actor. During his time in Idaho, Michael booked roles in several films, a TV series, and a few commercials throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Near the end of 2014, Michael migrated to Los Angeles. He continues to progress his career and keeps himself on a steep learning curve—his natural curiosity and love for learning drive him continually forward. Since being in LA, he’s worked on multiple short films, music videos, a soap opera, a feature film, a TV series, and both modeling and commercial jobs.

Michael credits his rapid growth and progress to meeting and learning from amazing friends and mentors, including the members of ACN. Having been a member of ACN for over five years now, Michael currently serves as the groups second Vice President. He has originated numerous characters in both stage and film productions with ACN, and is enjoying the writing, directing, acting, and editing processes that are making him a film maker.

Kristopher Dowling

Kristopher Dowling became interested in the arts through working in the non-profit sector of Skid Row,  in Los Angeles. After studying the Shakespearian style of stage acting, Kristopher grew to have a passion for both the quality of the story and the power of the message.  Kristopher is an integral part of the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles serving as the groups first Vice President, and has originated numerous characters with the Actors Coalition Network, including  Dinner Theater, Main Stage, and Film Projects.  He is excited to learn more as he moves forward with his career, and builds friendships that will help ground and guide him along the way. He is also very excited in becoming a film maker, as he has created several different films now, and has no intention of stopping.


Vladimir Garcia

Vladimir (Vlad) Garcia is a San Diego native who was raised by a single mother who worked very hard to support her four children.  Vlad would say that his childhood was pretty normal, and that he went through numerous phases in his life from wanting to become a professional soccer player to becoming a professional street skateboarder.  He even tried the skateboarding world for a while, then when he was sixteen one of his cousin's who was taking a film class hoping to become a director was filming a short and asked Vlad if he would be a part of it.  After a highly enthusiastic yes, Vlad realized he had caught a vision for who he wanted to be in the future.  He began the process of trying to figure out how to get into the entertainment industry and become a professional actor.  He is truly thankful for a cousin that inspired in him a passion for story telling, because he unknowingly sparked a love inside of him for being an entertainer.  Vlad is thrilled to have been the director of the 2020 Film of the Year "Subtle Scrutiny", as well as working on numerous other projects with ACN and 11:59:59 Entertainment, and cannot wait to see what comes next.

Christian Medina

Christian was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California. Since the young age of seven years old, going to the movies was always one of his favorite activities and it inspired in him with an unstoppable passion for art, film, performance, and of course, acting. He began exploring and developing his acting skills at the age of twelve when he served as a member in his community’s church youth group program. The youth group focused on producing stage adaptations of historic and biblical events for educational purposes that were then performed solely for the church’s community. Since then, Christian went on to pursue an education in acting at the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences in Granada Hills. After graduating high school, he continued his educational career at California State University Northridge where he focused on establishing a theatrical background and ultimately graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre. While attending school, he was able to work on several projects including short films, TV pilots, YouTube videos, TV shows, and an award winning feature length indie film. Now, as a member of the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles, he is grateful again be expanding his knowledge and understanding of the entertainment industry, and eagerly looks forward to what ll the future may hold.



Hayden Wilder

Hayden Wilder has lived in Los Angeles his entire life (as well as New York for bits and pieces). He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and a focus in theatre, where he studied various acting techniques such as Meisner and Stella Adler. Additionally, he attended the British American Drama Academy in London where he attended a master class with Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter fame and also studied high comedy. His passion for acting began when he saw Star Wars when he was three. He has also been studying Shakespeare since he was six and is a massive musical theatre enthusiast.  Besides acting, Hayden is an avid reader. Having learned to read at the age of two, his tastes range from Dickens to Stephen King. He is also a major film and television buff, particularly of horror and animation. He strives to see at least 100 new releases a year and write about them in his journal. 

Ayberk Demir

Often using the nickname "Iceberg", Ayberk comes to us from Istanbul Turkey. He currently attends school in Santa Monica where he is pursuing a career in entertainment business. He moved here to America six years ago in hopes of discovering himself. Though already in love with the art of acting, Ayberk was a professional basketball player on a star team in Turkey. The thought that he was going to live his life as  a professional athlete was almost expected, but after traveling around the U.S., living in New York, Miami, Washington D.C., and Cleveland Ohio, he eventually moved to Los Angeles where he turned his focus on what he truly loves. Being a part of the Actors Coalition Network offers Ayberk the opportunity to continually grow, learn, and flex his artistic muscles with others who are attempting to make themselves the best they can be as well. Life is a journey, and we are glad to have him on this one with us.

Kevin Lam 

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Kevin Lam has always wanted to prove that no matter where you are from, you can always push forward and prosper. Being the oldest of his entire family, he’s been setting an example to his siblings by recently graduating from Santa Monica College with a degree in Linguistics. He became interested in the entertainment industry through music when he first picked up the bass and then learned to use the guitar, drums, and piano. Being two ends of the same rope, he progressed to stage and film acting, incorporating his musical talent and his language skills into every project he has done. Looking to better himself and help others better themselves as well, he’s become involved with the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles. 

Chris Kioudjian 

Chris Kioudjian, born and raised in LA discovered his passion for entertainment as a young child. After several years of casually pursuing his dreams Chris went to Bali for a month or so, and when he came back he was determined to chase his dreams down the path of destiny. Chris loves to act, sing, discuss ideas, thoughts and topics to spread awareness & knowledge. As well as loving to laugh. Since joining the Actors Coalition Network he has continued to grow and learn. As well as discovering more interests within the industry. He plans to stay a part of ACN as long as possible as he builds himself, and his work, to become the man he knows he can be one day.

Greg Havton 

Greg Havton comes from Los Angeles, California, and is excited to join the ACN community. He was introduced to acting when he was taking an improv class in high school, and fell in love with it. Greg is currently in college working on a degree in theater, as well as continuing his passion for neuroscience and medicine. ACN offers a lot to Greg, as he is given the opportunity to continue acting as well as to learn more about other aspects of film, such as directing and writing. He hopes to make the most of this opportunity and is excited to be a part of the team. 

Eric St. Martin - Bio Coming Soon

Eric St.Martin grew up in Minnesota where in his senior year of high school he found a

love for acting after being asked to audition for the school’s musical production of Oliver

Twist. After high school he attended the University of Iowa, and at the age of 26 moved

to Los Angeles where he started and continues to train with acting mentor Michael

Sanville-Schoenholt. Eric has found that his true passion is for film, but not just as an

actor, he has also developed a love for writing as well.

Eric joined the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles, and is excited to continue to learn and appreciate the nuances of acting as well add his own voice to the work that this company is already doing. Outside of the entertainment world, Eric is a man who loves to stay active. He played multiple sports growing up, and still plays hockey. He enjoys cooking, and is quite construction and landscape savvy. Eric has a bright mind, and always brings a positive attitude to the work he is a part of. His goal is create projects that make people feel and think, which is why he is driven to succeed, making the best of each and every day.

Iam Gregory 

Born and raised in LA County, Iam first found an interest in acting when he joined drama class during his sophomore year of high school. After he was in a school performance of a Midsummer Night Dream, in his junior year, he knew that acting was what he wanted to do. He went to Citrus Community College where he is majoring in Theater Arts. Acting is his dream, but he is interested in writing and directing as well. Now an active associate of ACN, he is eager to further advance his acting and filmmaking experience.

William Wallingford 

William grew up in a small town in Missouri participating in any sport available. He also did a few school plays but just as a way to pass the time. It was not until he moved to Maryland that he got his first real audition and realized his passion for acting. He started taking any acting opportunities more seriously and soon it was all he could think about. William currently serves our country as a full time Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. As well as acting, William is also interested in writing and directing and will exercise these skills while working with ACN.











Arnold Horn 


Arnold discovered a passion for acting at a very young age, taking part in any and every acting opportunity available. He was involved with theater throughout his education, and took part in various radio dramas as a voice over actor as well. He attended Stellenbocsh Theater School for one year then pursued both modeling and film acting in Cape Town before coming to Los Angeles to attend an 8 week intensive to help refine his film acting skills.  Now as a part of the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles, Arnold is excited to be developing other skills in the field of making film. He intends to make the most out of his opportunities with ACN, and intends to remain a part of the company as long as possible.

Frank Balocca 

Frank Balocca was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. He graduated from Pasadena High School, class of 2019, and currently serves in the United States Marine Corps.  based out of Camp Pendleton. Frank has always had an interest in writing, but his main passion is music. Currently, he is recording his first EP (Extended Play / Mini-album) with his band “Let Me In”. Frank is new to the filmmaking scene, but he is excited to explore more opportunities with this open door.

Jun Lee 

Jun had a traditional childhood growing up: He studied hard, played sports, joined all the “right” clubs to do his best to get into a university he thought would be socially accepted.  He then went off to school and studied business administration where he was sure he was going to work at a corporate job upon graduating. However right before graduating, he realized he did not enjoy working at his past corporate internships. He pondered what he genuinely wanted to do and looked back to when he was 13 years old, when he first had the notion of “how fun would it be to be an actor.”

With that realization, he signed up for his first acting class in his last semester of university and instantly fell in love. Performing in front of others and morphing into various characters to bring ideas to life excited him. He loved to “Play,” as one of his acting coaches always stressed that actors must simply, play.  That has always stuck with him and is the driving factor in developing his acting toolbox. Since then he has been in a few short films but has mainly focused on honing his craft through classes, meditation, and personal realization. Jun is excited to work with ACN to not only bring other’s ideas into fruition but actualize his own as well.   

Kevin Esparza - Bio Coming Soon


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