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The Next Challenge

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Never Stopping

A true psychological thriller involving Carol Walker and her battle with the horrific nightmare memories of her imprisoned past as well as the imaginings of her tortured present.  Only by dealing with both and finally setting herself free from an evil master occult leader can she ever find the hope of a better tomorrow.

Watch as Carol somehow slams the memories of those who have tortured her and those whom she has loved together with those whom she has lost and those she has imagined in her mind as being real but are not.  Carefully scroll the twists and turns of her forcefully medicated mind as she struggles to find freedom, and in doing so free those whom she cares most for.

Join these thoughts as they come to life, side by side with Carol’s own realities, as though both simultaneously occur.  Each of the men and women she must somehow reconcile with will challenge her very being of existence, but nothing will challenge her will more than her captor and his methodical mannerisms.

Can she deal with her past and present so that a future is possible?  How do the exacting imaginings in her mind help to continue to hold her prisoner, or could they be a manner of freeing her?  Will she ever be able to save herself from those that would have her controlled for life, and in doing so free those that she has loved as well?  

Opening the door for numerous seasons dealing with Carol’s dilemmas, her escapes, her heart ache and her joys come to life as what is happening in her mind comes to life; the challenge will be to discover for herself what is real and what is not. Trace the ever life-like scenarios that so many battle with in their own lives today while never really knowing what or who is to be trusted and what or who is not.  Ask the questions yourself, Who Among Us is real?  Who Among Us will survive?  Who Among Us hasn’t experienced these types of horrors before as well…at least in one manner or another….Who Among Us, a psychological thriller for our time!

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Meet The Cast

Kathryn Hollis Peters.png
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Kathryn Hollis Peters
Carol Walker
Robert Sudhoff
Nathan Walker
Iam Gregory
Caleb Walker
Eric St.Martin
Joshua Walker
Jeffrie Favianny.png
Leonardo Romero.png
Domonic Peloso.png
Taylor Mack.png
Jeffrie Favianny
Ryan Justice
Leonardo Romero
Dominic Peloso
Tyler Cole
Taylor Mack
Beautiful Landscape
DSC_0342 (2).JPG
Timothy Dominguez
Logan Eros
DSC_0045 (2).JPG
Ryanne McKay.png
Josh Grasso.png
Chris Kioudjian
Bobby Drusk
Ryanne McKay
Josh Grasso
Michael Valiant
Chris Fritita.JPG
DSC_0684 (2).JPG
Ayberk Demir.png
Kevin Lam.jpg
Chris Fratita
Billy Zorn
Forrest Lee
Kevin Ruskin
Ayberk Demir
Greg Freki
Kevin Lam
Pete Haven
DSC_0390 (2).JPG
Ben Wolfwood
Jeff Kieffer
Sebastian Perez.png
Adam Oler.png
Bledar Gashi.png
Sebastian Perez
Eric Livia

Adam Oler
Asher Montroy
Bledar Gashi
Shane Acedia
James Shruck.png
James Shuck
The Doctor
Germaine Gaudet.png
Germaine Gaudet
The Witch
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds


Our production team is made up from current Actors Coalition Network Associate Members whom have been taught the various aspects and duties of film making by our Master Educator for the Entertainment Industry.

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Kris Dowling.JPG
Randall Gray
Assistant Director/Senior Editor
Eric St.Martin
Production Manager
Kristopher Dowling

Meet The Crew


Chris Kioudjian

Michael Baszler 4.jpeg

Michael Baszler

Director of Photography
DSC_0540 (2).JPG

Timothy Dominguez

Logistics Director
2nd Assistant Director/
Lighting Engineer
Ayberk Iceberg Demir.jpg

Ayberk Demir

Locations Manager
Kevin Lam.jpg

Kevin Lam

Sound Engineer/Music Supervisor
Hayden Wilder.jpg

Hayden Wilder

Web Master
Old Fashioned Film Camera
Old Fashioned Film Camera

Changing the world
One heart at a time.

Our company is focused on creating quality programming while training those involved in the correct practices of the entertainment industry. Over the last three years we have created over 200 films together, and now it is time to take the leap into the next step.
To that end, this psychological episodic thriller will be our primary film focus over the next year.
Oh, we will still be doing other films from time to time, so don't think you won't be hearing from us.
To all of our supporters, we sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement.
Helping our Associate Members find and become their best selves while learning what the entertainment industry is truly all about is a very big job. Our reward is when we see them step out into the world and create something inspiring of their own. Thank you.